Parking Solutions

Parking Management & Enforcement System

Every journey begins and ends in a parking space. The most innovative approaches to parking management will improve the economic, social, and environmental quality of any city.

Choosing the right parking policies and implementing them with the best tools and supports can help a city achieve its goal – whether it is to reduce CO2 emissions, to relieve traffic jams, to create a revenue stream, or any number of other reasons.

Our Parking Management & Enforcement Solution addresses needs of transport, finance, legal, customer services and IT departments whilst also meeting the individual requirements of remote and office-based users within these areas.

On Street Enforcer

  • Easy to use ruggedised handheld devices making On-Street enforcement officers more efficient and effective.
  • Built-in workflow management, capture the contravention details and regularly transfer data to back-office systems.
  • User friendly operation.
  • Instant updates, such as details for parking permits, or temporary enforcement zones.
  • All data is encrypted giving the reassurance of high data security

Back Office

Comprehensive web based back-office system.

User friendly interface means staff training requirements are greatly reduced.

  • Comprehensive workflow management gives definable operational control.
  • Meets highest security requirements through password protection and digital certificates
  • Easily integrated into accounting, Customer Relationship Management and document management systems.
  • Integration and interfaces to other applications are easily achieved, both in terms of delivery and use.

Customer Care System (CCS)

The Customer Care System is a responsive web based application that is fully supported in web and mobile browers. Users of this system are set up by a system administrator in order to allow staff supporting the end users to have access to subscriber information and records. The CCS can view and modify subscriber data such as contact information and subscriber payment methods. The CCS user is prohibited from modifying system operation parameters and naturally, all activities by a CCS user are logged.