Parking Solutions

Parking Management System

Our philosophy on Parking has been based upon simple principle of providing business intelligence to the entire solution.

Our System has been developed to satisfy the demands of large-scale regionally networked projects by implementing universally accepted hardware and software standards, through an open and transparent interface concept and, through virtually unlimited scalability.

Our Parking Management System offers high functionality, elegantly designed equipment and ease of use, all integrated into a solution enabling reduces traffic congestion at entrance and exit, cuts down cash collection and machine maintenance, increases revenue, reduces capital expenditure on equipment and improves compliance.

In Parking Management System the Entrance and Exit of the Parking area are equipped with fully automatic and semi-automatic machines which maintain overall activity across the parking space including Controlled access to parking, Vehicle flow, Space availability and Revenue management.

Ideal software tools for monitoring, safeguarding and increasing the efficiency of car parks at any time. With ASP (Application Service Programming) operators can have their parking space controlled over the internet and operate them via a single server.

With LPR license plate recognition system, cameras installed at the car park’s entrance and exit, identify an approaching customer automatically. Entry