Pay By App

One of the simpliest and easiest ways to pay your parking charges - MassPark - parking payments App!. It is the most convenient way to pay for your parking, one touch and you have paid your parking charges.Simply download our app and you are ready to park.


  • No more searching for change
  • Simple and quick registration
  • Extend your parking remotely
  • On the spot Account Management
  • Activate parking session for a car with different vehicle registration plate (Quickly change the vehicle registration plate if you ’re using a different car than the one you registered)
  • Optional text message reminders before your parking time expire


  1. Download the Free MassPark App from Google Play or iTunes
  2. Register your details
  3. Press Park My Vehicle
  4. Select parking location
  5. Select the time you wish to park for
  6. Confirm your details and Press Go'